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Rachmaninov, Prokofiev - Works for Cello & Piano - Johannes Moser, Andrei Korobeinikov (2016) High-Fidelity FLAC Stereo 24bit/96kHz

Сomposer: Sergei Prokofiev (1891-1953), Sergei Rachmaninov (1873-1943), Alexander Scriabin (1872-1915)
Artist: Rachmaninov, Prokofiev - Works for Cello & Piano
Title: Johannes Moser, Andrei Korobeinikov
Genre: Classical
Label: © Pentatone Music B.V.
Release Date: 2016
Quality: High-Fidelity FLAC Stereo 96kHz/24bit
Duration: 01:12:07
Recorded: MCO studio 5, Hilversum, The Netherlands, in March and April 2016

The achingly beautiful, haunting lyricism of early Rachmaninov and the soaring effusiveness of late Prokofiev are glowingly brought to life by the German-Canadian cellist Johannes Moser and the Russian pianist Andrei Korobeinikov in this new release from PENTATONE of richly expressive 20th century cello sonatas and other works.

Composed during troubled periods in the composers’ lives, the cello sonatas are life-affirming works. Rachmaninov’s arresting sonata which he wrote following a nervous breakdown is not unlike his perennially popular Second Piano Concerto: a journey from brooding melancholy to untrammelled joy, with a transcendentally beautiful slow movement. Prokofiev wrote his outstanding sonata while labouring under considerable hardship. It is by turns restrained and movingly lyrical, but the hair-raising final movement with its bravura passagework ends the work in a blaze of defiance.
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Giacomo Puccini - Manon Lescaut - Anna Netrebko, Munchner Rundfunkorchester, Marco Armiliato (2016) High-Fidelity FLAC Stereo 24bit/96kHz

Сomposer: Giacomo Puccini (1858-1924)
Artist: Anna Netrebko, Yusif Eyvazov, Konzertvereinigung Wiener Staatsopernchor, Marco Armiliato
Title: Puccini: Manon Lescaut
Genre: Classical, Opera
Label: © Deutsche Grammophon GmbH
Release Date: 2016
Quality: High-Fidelity FLAC Stereo 48kHz/24bit
Source: Qobuz
Duration: 02:07:47
Release Date: 2016
Recording: live at the 2016 Salzburg Festival

To follow and accompany Anna Netrebko's latest and highly anticipated VERISMO release, DG presents MANON LESCAUT – Live from Salzburg! The release ties in with her upcoming performances of Manon Lescaut at the Met this November.
This outstanding concert performance of Manon Lescaut with Anna Netrebko and Yusif Eyvazov was the absolute highlight of the 2016's Salzburg Festival – a moment of operatic glory, captured live for this unique release. Anna excelled herself and fascinated the audience with the perfection of her exceptional voice, her unrivaled interpretation and her devotion to this very part – she is the Manon Lescaut of our time. While Verismo already features the aria "In quelle trine morbide" and the fourth act of Manon Lescaut in a breathtaking studio-version, documenting her great passion to this work, the complete recording of Manon Lescaut will be a great addition to Anna's fans and opera lovers alike. It has also been a matter of personal importance and dedication for Anna to document this work in its entirety.
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Sergey Prokofiev - Violin sonatas - Mikhail Tsinman, Nika Lundstrem, Igor Tsinman (2011) High-Fidelity DSF Stereo DSD64/2.82MHz

Сomposer: Sergey Prokofiev (1891-1953)
Artist: Mikhail Tsinman, Nika Lundstrem, Igor Tsinman
Title: Prokofiev - Violin sonatas
Genre: Classical
Label: Caro Mitis/Essential Music
Release Date: 2011
Quality: DSF Stereo DSD64/2.82MHz
Source: nativeDSDmusic
Duration: 01:19:36
Recorded: 4–7.06.2010, 20.03.2011 5th Studio of The Russian Television and Radio Broadcasting Company (RTR), Moscow, Russia

You treat these four sonatas as a single cycle. What is the nature of its unity, and why did you decide against ordering them chronologically in the album? For musical reasons. The Sonata for solo violin is an introduction, followed by the powerfully tragic Sonata in F minor; next comes an intermezzo, the Double sonata, and the brilliant finale, Sonata in D major. Thus, the cycle has a general key, D major, and the contrast between its parts is very expressive. Each of the four sonatas has something in common, in images or intonations, with Prokofiev’s defining works in the genre of musical theatre. A stylistic change connected to the insight into the principal ethical task of creative work is the ballet “The Prodigal Son” and the Sonata for two violins; thinking about Russia’s historic destiny is manifested in “Alexander Nevsky” and “Ivan the Terrible”, in the operas “Semyon Kotko”, “War and Peace” and the epic First sonata; “Cinderella” and the Second sonata evoke fairy tales, and, finally, a number of “Soviet” pieces written on commission, which may include the Sonata for solo violin.
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Antonio Vivaldi, Astor Piazzolla - Les quatre saisons - Les Dissonances, David Grimal (2010) High-Fidelity FLAC Stereo 24bit/88,2kHz

Сomposer: Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741), Astor Piazzolla (1921-1992)
Artist: Les Dissonances, David Grimal
Title: Piazzolla, Vivaldi - Les quatre saisons
Genre: Classical
Label: © Aparté Music
Release Date: 2010
Quality: High-Fidelity FLAC Stereo 88,2kHz/24bit
Source: Qobuz
Duration: 01:06:54
Recorded live in May 2010, Opéra de Dijon

This recording by French violinist David Grimal and the chamber orchestra Les Dissonances has a specific goal in mind: proceeds from its sale benefit the homeless through microcredit projects, and the group has performed live concerts for homeless audiences on the street. This unique enterprise should give buyers a strong incentive to purchase the album on its own, but what of the musical content in itself? There are lots of recordings of the Vivaldi Four Seasons violin concertos paired with the Cuatro estaciónes porteñas, or Four Seasons of the Port City (Buenos Aires), tangos by Astor Piazzolla, but this one is unusual in several respects. One is that the Piazzolla works are presented in the "arrangements" by Russian composer Leonid Desyatnikov, which are really closer to recompositions than arrangements. Desyatnikov transforms the works into violin-and-orchestra pieces, which is really foreign to their essence. On top of that, he adds quotations from the Vivaldi concertos; his versions are specifically designed for performance in this combination. Grimal and Les Dissonances add a new wrinkle of their own: instead of having the Piazzolla/Desyatnikov seasons follow the Vivaldi concertos, they put the Piazzolla first. This actually works pretty well; the Piazzolla/Desyatnikov pieces, with their suggestions of motives from the Vivaldi, work well as introductions. The group doesn't quite have the nerve to lead with Piazzolla/Desyatnikov, though, so there's one tango (Primavera porteña) left over at the end. That disturbs the symmetry of the whole, and the Vivaldi performances, with their mushy sense of tempo, are no great shakes. None of this detracts from the originality of the whole project, in both social and musical terms. --AllMusic Review by James Manheim
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Piazzolla Klassik Ensemble - Primavera Portena (2006) High-Fidelity FLAC Stereo 24bit/96kHz

Сomposer: Astor Piazzolla (1921-1992), Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)
Artist: Piazzolla Klassik Ensemble
Title: Primavera Porteña
Genre: Classical
Label: © K&K Verlagsanstalt
Release Date: 2006/2012
Quality: High-Fidelity FLAC Stereo 96kHz/24bit
Source: Qobuz
Duration: 00:39:05
Recorded by GPM-Records & Studio Solingen, mastered, produced and designed by Andreas Otto Grimminger & Josef-Stefan Kindler

The Tango Argentino becomes a synonym for the melancholy of the European emigrant in Buenos Aires - expressing the feelings of those uprooted from the old world who had not yet found a place in the new. The musicians of the Piazzolla Klassik Ensemble, being of Russian origin while playing as soloists and members of international orchestras, find themselves in a similar emotional situation. The performers' empathy with the melancholy, dolor and ardor is evident - allowing us to visualize how much Piazzolla's compositions reflect the feelings and the passions of the Russian soul. Impressive, also, is the emotional catharsis of the tango's pain and sadness in the successful bridge formed to the works of Johann Sebastian Bach, his sublime harmonies allowing a ray of sunshine to appear on the overcast horizon of expatriation.
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Giovanni Battista Pergolesi - Adriano in Siria - Capella Cracoviensis, Jan Tomasz Adamus (2016) High-Fidelity FLAC Stereo 24bit/96kHz

Сomposer: Giovanni Battista Pergolesi (1710-1736)
Artist: Franco Fagioli, Romina Basso, Yuriy Mynenko, Dilyara Idrisova, Juan Sancho, Çiğdem Soyarslan, Capella Cracoviensis, Jan Tomasz Adamus
Title: Pergolesi - Adriano in Siria
Genre: Classical
Label: © Decca Music Group Limited
Release Date: 2016
Quality: High-Fidelity FLAC Stereo 96kHz/24bit
Source: Qobuz
Duration: 02:57:25
Recorded: 19–26 August 2015, Radio Krakow, Poland

Pergolesi’s Adriano in Siria is brought to vibrant life in this new recording with a top-flight cast, led by the enthralling Franco Fagioli. New love, power, revenge, disguise, mistaken identity and passionate devotion — the full spectrum of Baroque opera seria is here in this brilliant, vivid setting of a powerful and moving story. Accompanied by Capella Cracoviensis under the baton of Jan Tomasz Adamus, Adriano in Siria is an opera that will appeal to all fans of Baroque music's unsung heroes .
Alongside Mozart and Schubert, Giovanni Battista Pergolesi has long been a symbol in music history of the tragic gure of genius cut off in its prime. Born in 1710 in the southern Italian city of Jesi, his composing career lasted less than a decade: he was dead from tuberculosis at 26. Though well-known during his lifetime as a composer of serious opera, since then his fame has largely rested on just two works: the wildly popular comic opera La serva padrona (1733) and the Stabat mater, nished shortly before his premature demise. Of that event Charles Burney remarked; “the instant that his death was known, all Italy manifested an eager desire to hear and possess his productions ...” - this was not only true of Italy, and led to a considerable, and still persisting industry of attributing to Pergolesi works by other, less famous composers.
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Patti Austin - Body Language (1980/2016) High-Fidelity FLAC Stereo 24bit/192kHz

Artist: Patti Austin
Title: Body Language
Genre: R&B, Soul, Vocal Jazz, Pop Rock, Quiet Storm
Label: © CTI Records, a division of Creed Taylor, Inc. | King Record Co., Ltd.
Release Date: 1980/2016
Quality: High-Fidelity FLAC Stereo 192kHz/24bit
Source: e-onkyo
Duration: 00:37:21
Recorded: Muscle Shoals Sound Studios, Sheffield, Alabama

A sweet blend of jazz and soul from Patti Austin – and a set that's a bit different than some other CTI albums of the 70s – given that it was recorded down south, at deep soul powerhouse Muscle Shoals! The sound is surprisingly rootsy on a few numbers – and warmly jazzy on others – and Patti's still got all the polish she picked up from her years with Quincy Jones, but she's also stepping out a bit more as an artist with a stronger emotional palette. Austin works with some great original material that includes the tracks "(Ooh-Wee) He's Killing Me" and "I Can't Stop" – as well as surprising covers, like Squeeze's "Another Nail From My Heart", Isaac Hayes' "Body Language", and Bob Seeger's "We've Got Tonight".
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Patricia Barber - Monday Night: Live At The Green Mill, Vol. 3 (2016) High-Fidelity FLAC Stereo 24bit/96kHz

Artist: Patricia Barber
Title: Monday Night- Live At The Green Mill, Vol. 3
Genre: Jazz, Modern Creative, Straight-Ahead Jazz, Post Bop, Vocal Jazz
Label: © Patricia Barber
Release Date: 2016
Quality: High-Fidelity FLAC Stereo 96kHz/24bit
Duration: 01:07:44
Recorded Live in Chicago, IL, Tracks 1,4,7 recorded February 8th, 2016; Tracks 2,3,5,8-11 recorded February 1st, 2016; Track 6 recorded February 15th, 2016

I have been blessed to have a weekly Monday Night gig at The Green Mill, one of the hippest jazz clubs in the world in one of the most exciting cities in the world, Chicago. enormous thanks to Dave Jemilo for keeping this Chicago treasure alive and for letting me a part of it. Also, thanks to our soundman here Chris Grabowski who increasingly is recognized for his very special "live" sound recordings. On this, the third "Live from the Green Mill " download, you'll hear not only the music, but the soft landscape of the club and the city. Larry Kohut is on acoustic bass, Jon Deitemyer is on drums and Jim Gailloreto is on tenor saxophone. The recording is exceptional. I suggest you get one of the better sound file downloads, close your eyes and time travel to this Monday Night at the Green Mill.
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Pantera - Vulgar Display Of Power (1992/2015) High-Fidelity FLAC Stereo 24bit/192kHz

Artist: Pantera
Title: Vulgar Display Of Power
Genre: Rock, Heavy Metal, Groove Metal, Sludge Metal, Alternative Metal, Thrash, Hardcore, Metalcore
Label: © Atco Records/Rhino Entertainment Company
Release Date: 1992/2015
Quality: High-Fidelity FLAC Stereo 192kHz/24bit
Source: HDTracks
Duration: 52:52
Recorded: 1991, Pantego Sound Studio in Pantego, Texas

Vulgar Display of Power is the second major label and sixth overall studio album by the American heavy metal band Pantera, released on February 25, 1992 through Atco Records. One of the most influential heavy metal albums of the 1990s, Vulgar Display of Power has been described as "one of the defining albums of the groove-metal genre". Several songs from this release have become some of the band's best known, such as "Mouth for War", "A New Level", "Walk", "Fucking Hostile", and "This Love".
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Pancho Purcell & His Bambuco Players - Bambuco Moves In (1966/2016) High-Fidelity FLAC Stereo 24bit/192kHz

Artist: Pancho Purcell & His Bambuco Players
Title: Bambuco Moves In
Genre: Pop, Latin Pop, Latin Jazz, Bambuco, Easy Listening
Label: © Columbia Records, a Division of Sony Music Entertainment
Release Date: 1966/2016
Quality: High-Fidelity FLAC Stereo 192kHz/24bit
Source: HDTracks
Duration: 00:28:13
Recorded: 196?
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