» » » Johann Sebastian Bach - The Six Cello Suites - Pablo Casals (1946/2012) High-Fidelity FLAC Stereo 24bit/96kHz
Johann Sebastian Bach - The Six Cello Suites - Pablo Casals (1946/2012) High-Fidelity FLAC Stereo 24bit/96kHz
Johann Sebastian Bach - The Six Cello Suites - Pablo Casals (1946/2012) High-Fidelity FLAC Stereo 24bit/96kHz

Сomposer: Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)
Artist: Pablo Casals
Title: Bach - The Six Cello Suites
Genre: Classical
Label: © EMI Classics
Release Date: 1946/2012 (2011 Remaster)
Quality: High-Fidelity FLAC 2.0 Mono 96kHz/24bit
Source: HDTracks
Duration: 02:10:05
Recorded: Suite No. 1 - June 2, 1938, Paris; Suite Nos. 2 and 3 - November 25, 1936, Abbey Road Studios, London; Suite No. 4 - June 13-16, 1939, Paris; Suite No. 5 - June 14-15, 1939, Paris; Suite No. 6 - June 3, 1938, Paris

At a tender age, renowned cellist Pablo Casals was introduced to Bach’s legendary Cello Suites. The musician studied the pieces for several years before performing it publically. An extraordinary exploration, the remastered album highlights Casals’ spontaneity, detailed execution and meaningful appreciation. A definitive set to these historic works.

About the Mastering :: Four engineers at Abbey Road Studios in London have remastered these historic EMI recordings from their original analogue sources for release in pristine hi-def. Between them, Simon Gibson, Ian Jones, Andy Walter and Allan Ramsay have many years of experience remastering archive recordings for EMI and other record labels. The process always starts with finding all of the records and tapes in EMI's archive in London and comparing different sources and any previous CD reissues. We consult each recording's job file, which contains notes about the recording made by the engineer and producer. For example, this sometimes explain why there is more than one set of tapes to choose from. All of the tapes are generally in good condition and we play them on our Studer A80 π inch tape machine, after careful calibration of its replay characteristics.
In order to have the best digital remastering tools at our disposal for the remastering, we transfer from analogue to the digital domain at 96 KHz and 24-bit resolution using a Prism ADA-8 converter and capture the audio to our SADiE Digital Audio Workstation.

Pablo Casals recorded J.S. Bach's 6 Cello Suites for EMI between 1936 and 1939 in London and Paris, and these legendary recordings have been in print for many decades without break. There is a mystique attached to these performances that overrides any minor defects of reproduction, and students of these works repeatedly turn to this cellist, who essentially rescued the suites from the tedium of the practice room and presented them to the world as fully fledged works of invention and virtuosity. Casals' freedom of phrasing and playfulness with rhythm make the music feel spontaneous and often intensely lyrical, and the quality of interpretation approaches recitative, insofar as Bach's lines at times receive an almost vocal expression. Since Casals' day, the Cello Suites have been played in many ways, including efforts to play them in an authentic Baroque manner, as well as more Romantic attempts at individual expression, but Casals still seems to be the standard against which other performances are measured, and these recordings are indispensable to any serious collector. While the reproduction is extraordinarily clear in these digitally remastered recordings, there remain patches of noise and a thinning of tone that seems to be the result of removing analog hiss. Even so, this is still a phenomenal set compared to other recordings made in the 1930s, and the value of the music trumps any roughness or weakness of sound. --AllMusic Review by Blair Sanderson

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)
Suite No. 1 In G Minor, S.1007
1 I. Prélude 2:21
2 II. Allemande 3:28
3 III. Courante 2:10
4 IV. Sarabande 2:11
5 V. Menuetto I & II 3:02
6 VI. Gigue 1:39
Suite No. 2 In D Minor, S.1008
7 I. Prélude 3:35
8 II. Allemande 3:43
9 III. Courante 2:04
10 IV. Sarabande 3:55
11 V. Menuetto I & II 3:14
12 VI. Gigue 2:25
Suite No. 3 In C Major, S.1009
13 I. Prélude 3:21
14 II. Allemande 3:33
15 III. Courante 2:04
16 IV. Sarabande 3:55
17 V. Bourré I & II 3:14
18 VI. Gigue 2:25
Suite No. 4 In E Flat Major, S.1010
19 I. Prélude 4:07
20 II. Allemande 3:45
21 III. Courante 3:46
22 IV. Sarabande 4:00
23 V. Bourré I & II 3:28
24 VI. Gigue 2:26
Suite No. 5 In C Minor, S.1011
25 I. Prélude 7:03
26 II. Allemande 3:07
27 III. Courante 1:50
28 IV. Sarabande 2:37
29 V. Gavotte I & II 4:18
30 VI. Gigue 2:11
Suite No. 6 In D Major, S.1012
31 I. Prélude 4:55
32 II. Allemande 7:16
33 III. Courante 3:28
34 IV. Sarabande 4:07
35 V. Gavotte I & II 2:59
36 VI. Gigue 3:47

Pablo Casals, cello

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